Java/Clojure developer

[Java/Clojure developer]

DN’s niche is delivering mission critical software applications for complex business or technical challenges. The nature of our work allows developers the opportunity to work with a wide variety of technologies, although our core development is in Java & Clojure.

We are looking for a strong Java / Clojure developer who is eager to learn, with the desire to create elegant and enterprise-quality applications.  


• You are a problem solver, a fixer, and a creative technologies

• You believe coding is a talent and a passion, not just a skill

• You are open minded and can adapt very quickly

• You have good communication and collaborative skills

• You like to get stuff done

• You think along with the end-user


• Computer Science degree or relevant experience required

• Good knowledge of Java and willingness to learn (if needed) Clojure

• Knowledge of TDD and/or BDD

• A minimum of 2 years of relevant experience

• Good knowledge of the English language


• Opportunity to work with new technologies

• A small and highly motivated team excited to push the boundaries

• Projects in a variety of business domains

• A competitive salary package




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