Van Dessel Fleet Solutions

Van Dessel: One Fleet Insurance, One High-Performing Management Tool

Van Dessel: One Fleet Insurance, One High-Performing Management Tool

We all know the story: one vehicle, a bunch of contracts, several types of insurance covers. An enormous red tape. But what if you are a transport company or have your own vehicle fleet? Indeed, an even more time-consuming administrative process. Van Dessel sought and found a solution at Debreuck Neirynck. Enter VD Fleet Solutions!

Van Dessel Fleet Solutions

Efficient and Transparent Fleet Management

As a fleet manager, monitoring the insurance policies of all your vehicles? Feel free to call it a tremendous feat. But… Van Dessel Fleet Solutions to the rescue! For many years now, they play a pioneering role in the area of fleet insurance and management, providing insurance support to both transport companies and institutions with their own fleet of vehicles. Together with Debreuck Neirynck, they looked for a solution for a more efficient and less time-consuming fleet management.

From the outset it was plain that the solution had to meet a number of requirements:

One high-performing policy for all vehicles.
Easy-to-use and accessible platform.
• Integration of both an insurance and damage section.
Time-saving, clear and transparent.

And that is how Van Dessel and Debreuck Neirynck developed what’s now VD Fleet Solutions. A high-performing fleet management platform

• … which can easily be integrated with in-house fleet software, using APIs.
• … where all fleet costs, crucial details and damage claims can be managed easily.
• … where vehicles, drivers and insurance covers can be added or removed quickly.
• … where damage claims can readily be entered and tracked.
• … where you have a 24/7 overview of all your fleet details.
• … where the communication with insurance agencies, lawyers and experts can be monitored transparently.

Up to VD Fleet Solutions 2.0

The collaboration between Van Dessel and Debreuck Neirynck is one that has been going on for about 10 years now. Started as a mobility project, evolved into what’s now VD Fleet Solutions, the launch of VD Fleet Solutions 2.0 is currently on its way. As the amount of users and types of vehicles is increasing, it’s important to keep the finger firmly on the pulse. Constantly adding new features ensures a modern, robust and high-performing application, characterized by a satisfying velocity. That’s why there’s a lot of work going on right now on a sophomore issue of the application, which is planned for release in the second half of 2020.

Specifically, adjustments will be made at 3 levels:

The addition of an accounting section.

A total make-over of the application layout.

An enhanced look & feel and user experience.

In this way Van Dessel intends to offer the end user more independence. Instead of the customer constantly having to send emails when he has a question, they should be able to specify a number of things in the platform themselves. By doing so, you avoid double and even triple input. In short, Van Dessel aims to create an even more efficient and user-friendly application.

VD Fleet Solutions 2.0
VD Mobility Solutions

A Glimpse Into the Future

It might be clear this is not yet the finish line. As more and more companies provide their employees with a mobility budget, allowing them to decide for themselves how to spend it (train, bike, car,…), Van Dessel aims to handle a person-centred approach in the future. The latter under the moniker of ‘VD Mobility solutions’. Things are constantly evolving, and so is our society. Sustainability and ecological entrepreneurship are becoming increasingly important. It is therefore crucial to adapt the services accordingly. But first things first. Before Van Dessel will start working on the ‘VD Mobility Solutions’ application, the ‘VD Fleet Solutions 2.0’ package will be launched.

If this story should make one thing plain, it’s that there is an enormously close partnership between Van Dessel and Debreuck Neirynck. An utterly strong synergy between the two sides. Both parties regularly share their vision, ideas and thoughts on the project. Yet, another great example that software development is not a one-stop shop thing, but an ongoing process. And as Debreuck Neirynck is currently part of Cronos Groep, the possibilities, resources and knowhow become even more expanded. In other words, the future looks bright!

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