DN’s dedicated support: Solving problems before they happen.

DN’s dedicated support: Solving problems before they happen.

Our dedicated support is more than a sales pitch. We strive to support you anytime, anywhere. Thanks to our proactive approach, speed of work, continuous availability, and expertise, you can sleep soundly. Let us solve your problems without you even knowing they were there.

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Due to our proactive approach, problems can often be solved before they occur. We always monitor our projects so that we are always aware of any difficulties. We also offer specific support and maintenance contracts. Within these contracts, we do not require the customer’s consent for every minor adjustment. This way, updates of features or minor changes to code can always run smoothly without having to bother our customers. This makes the whole process more efficient and pleasant for everyone.

High availability

Dedicated support is not just a fancy word that we throw up our sleeves. We always strive to find a solution for our customer’s problem as quickly as possible.
When we notice alerts arriving on our servers, we immediately start detecting problems and try looking for solutions.


When contacting our support, problems always end up with the right person. First- and second-line support issues will be picked up by our support engineer or someone at infrastructure, depending on the nature of the problem. If things have to evolve to third line, they are forwarded to the developer with the right specific technical knowledge of a certain tool or service.

Overall speed

We always tackle problems in the most efficient way. In the case of a high priority issue, we first and foremost ensure that everything is functional with a quick workaround so that the customer can move on. Subsequently, the problem is investigated in more detail so that a structural solution will eventually be found that can prevent the same problem from occurring again in the future.

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Transparency & communication

Good documentation is of vital importance to us. From the moment a new ticket is created, we always ensure that sufficient information is included. We closely monitor the entire process and document every step. This not only has advantages for the customer, but also for us. By properly documenting unknown issues or new problems, we can anticipate similar situations more quickly in the future and respond more efficiently, which in turn saves everyone time.


Our ticketing works with a low, normal and high priority. These statuses are assigned based on the severity of the issue. If a problem jeopardizes the operation of a company, it will be given high priority and therefore priority over other tickets. Tasks such as requesting data from a database will then be given a normal or low priority.


Would you like to be able to run your company stress-free? Contact us about our dedicated support contracts and let go of your concerns now.




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