Gert at Debreuck Neirynck: Blending Business Skills and IT for the Advanced

Gert at Debreuck Neirynck: Blending Business Skills and IT for the Advanced

Studied commercial sciences (UGent), specialization in marketing, with an ongoing passion and interest for information technology, it was pretty clear to Gert which direction he wanted to take with his professional career.

In short, a job where marketing and IT find each other and where a lot of customer contact can be adapted. Catch this intriguing story on how Gert ended up in the IT business as a commercial scientist.

The Interplay of Marketing and Information Technology

As Gert did research on the functioning of Amazon ’s ghost stores and how it’s perceived by its customers, as part of is thesis, he decided to pursue this line of linking marketing and IT aspects in his professional career.

The combination of marketing and information technology is from paramount importance for Gert, because of the interdependence of both disciplines. And so he went looking for a job blending the best of those two worlds. Instead of a long search, Gert got contacted by the Cronos Group , proposing him a job as Functional Consultant for Debreuck-Neirynck. A match made in heaven!

Fort short, a job as functional consultant means you are the connection between internal and external , between the executive team and the customer. Adequate planning, making analyses, providing ongoing support towards the client, it’s all in it. For some challenging projects such as Coach Partners and Flanders Road Services , Gert maps all the needs and requirements as stipulated by the customer and explicates it to the internal development team. A profound translation is key!

From Training to Autonomy

It should be clear: Gert really found a job that suits him well. Since he is currently still in a training phase , the next step is to gain more independence. On the long term he aims to initiate new assignments from scratch. So he continues to learn a lot. Something that’s no problem at all at Debreuck-Neirynck.

New employees are monitored very well. Starting with a Debreuck-Neirynck Academy , you learn how to analyze, how to take decisions and so on, which allows you to make more and more decisions yourself. On top, you get the opportunity to follow monthly courses and online workshops , to attend conferences and trades and there’s a lot of internal knowledge sharing . Learn, learn and learn!

Good Motivation is Rewarded

Working for Debreuck-Neirynck is give and take. You get a lot of confidence , the management really believes in its employees, provided you show the right motivation and mindset .

As the company aims to profilate itself as one of the most promising and leading software agencies, you get the opportunity to work with high-performing and new technologies and you are really surrounded by a team of people with very far-reaching knowledge . Always ready for the next level!

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