Maarten Debreuck Neirynck onboarding

How We Welcome New Employees

How We Welcome New Employees

Our Onboarding Process Through the Eyes of Maarten, Support Consultant at DN

What better way to describe our onboarding process than by someone who has only just joined us? Discover how Maarten, our fresh new Support Consultant, experienced his first months at Debreuck Neirynck! 

Maarten Debreuck Neirynck onboarding

How did you get in touch with Debreuck Neirynck?

Maarten: “Actually, I’m a former maintenance technician. I worked as a welder, but due to some industrial accidents and the fact that large parts of my job got automated, I decided to retrain myself. Through a friend, I became more and more interested in IT, after which I followed a 7-month training course on network infrastructure at VDAB. Subsequently, I started working for a Leuven-based IT company, where I gradually shifted from first line support employee to first station support engineer. In the latter position, I mainly focused on network configuration and solving network problems. However, due to COVID-19 I lost my job.”

“I went hunting for a new profession and through a recruitment agency I came in touch with the people of Debreuck Neirynck. Since a couple of months, I have been operating as a Support Consultant and things feel very good. I’m quite sure that I’m now at the right place in this stage of my professional career.”

Could you describe how you perceived your first months at Debreuck Neirynck?

Maarten: “As from the start, I felt very welcome and comfortable. During the job interviews expectations and objectives were mapped out really well. On top, they assured me that I would have the opportunity to develop myself and gain knowledge in the areas of my interests (MySQL, Linux and more), which really puts me at ease. Since you have lots of responsibilities as a Support Consultant, an adequate guidance in the first months is an absolute must. Thanks to the entire DN team, the internal Academy and a profound trajectory supervision, things went quite flawlessly. Everyone, from fellow employees to managing partners, is always ready to help you.”

Streaming Architecture Benefits
debreuck neirynck academy

You already mentioned the DN Academy. Can you elaborate on this?

Maarten: “Consider it as an internal academy where you, as a starting employee, can immerse yourself in different areas of knowledge. A true learning platform which combines tutorials, training labs and exercises based on real work situations.

When you are capable of solving those exercises,  you know that you can do such assignments in a professional context. For example, I had no experience with Linux, but by using the learning platform I was able to quickly deepen my knowledge on this subject. Besides, we’re allowed to follow external, recognised, courses and workshops (e.g.: MySQL course by Oracle). The full costs for such education are covered by Debreuck Neirynck, which is a very nice bonus.”

To conclude, the entire DN staff uses LeanKit to visualize things. A recommendable?

Maarten: “Definitely! Especially as a Support Consultant it is a must-have tool to maintain an overview. It allows us to keep the management of the support tickets on track and to visualize which tasks have been carried out and which ones have not yet been done. Teams can be assigned to specific projects, which simplifies the follow-up of the overall workload. Simply put, you know at all times who is doing what.”

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