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Our Rebranding Story: From Performance Focused to Expertise Oriented

Our Rebranding Story: From Performance Focused to Expertise Oriented

Defining Debreuck Neirynck in a nutshell? Well, it’s not your average software partner, that’s for sure. For short, a team of real experts sharing a long-time passion for clean code and test driven development, constantly on the hunt for innovation opportunities.

But… describing our identity is one thing, bringing it alive and visualize it in a cool and meaningful way is another kettle of fish. That’s why we decided to team up with the Ghent-based online agency LAMA, asking them for a complete rebranding strategy.

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A Missing Link Between Internal and External

Some internal research on the way our brand identity was perceived, made it clear: too little in tune with the current mission and vision, too much ‘performance oriented’. In short, after talking with a lot of our employees we defined the following important areas for improvement.

Visual identity | Many employees felt the old logo, representing a rocket, didn’t show exactly what the Debreuck Neirynck is doing and thought that the old logo had too little clear meaning.

Use of colours | The previously used brand colours didn’t express very well our company culture. Especially the excessive use of the colour red was way too much performance oriented, where the focus should be on challenge and innovation.

Tone of voice | We can be brief about this. The majority of our employees thought the previous way of communicating was too formal and didn’t highlight our personalized approach towards our customers.

So time for change, both in terms of the overall communication approach and our visual identity.

Creating a Brand Identity expressing Debreuck Neirynck’s Key Values

After a number of in-depth workshops with LAMA, together we created a new brand strategy, reflecting the following core elements.

Clean code experts | For our new logo, LAMA created a design based on some core elements derived from the clean programming language. By means of this our new visual identity expresses our purpose to play a leading role in the area of clean code and test-driven development.

Innovation and stability| As previously described, the Debreuck Neirynck brand colours should express our focus on challenge and innovation, backed by a good and pleasant working environment. That’s why we opted to work with green and purple colours from now on. Green represents our powerful team of clean code expert, where purple stands for stability, calm and respect.

Informal and personal | From now on, we’ll handle a more personal approach in the way we’re communicating, both internally and externally. Our employees felt Debreuck Neirynck provides a pleasant and informal working approach and environment, something which should definitely be externally expressed. On top we opted for a tagline – ‘Sofware isn’t a one-size-fits- all story’ – to clearly emphasize we always strive to deliver customized solutions to our clients.

debreuck neirynck rebranding

Not your average software partner

It might be clear, we don’t want to be your average software partner. We’re always aiming for innovation, using high-performing technologies, and we’re constantly looking for new solutions in the area of clean programming. Something we absolutely wanted to express in our brand. Thanks to the incredible effort of LAMA, we’re convinced that we have absolutely succeeded in this. Ready to get a first glimpse on our new visual identity? Check out our full website!

Interested to team up with us for a full digital transformation journey? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and let’s talk!




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