We use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the software we build for you is reliable, secure and up-to-date at all times. We help you to grow your business exponentially by creating custom software and technology tools you need to win your market.  We discover new revenue opportunities, monetize data and content and improve your customer experience, always with the purpose of innovation.  Deliver innovative custom software solutions with a long-term vision, that’s our mission!





Custom Cloud Native Software

Cloud native applications are characterized by the use of containers, microservices, serverless functions, development pipelines, infrastructure as code, event-driven applications, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Cloud native enables faster software development and the ability to build applications that are resilient, manageable and scalable.

Streaming Architecture

The velocity and volume of data creation today is enormous.. We help you to deal with these volumes, by buffering, batching, caching, machine learning and munging this streams until they are in a state where they can provide value to the end user. Relying on high-performing technologies such as Apache Kafka, messages can be persisted both at speed and scale.

Microservices Architecture

We assist you creating microservices and connecting them in a way they can exchange data and form a true application. New processes can be entered easily in the workflow, services can be deployed independently and errors could be fixed only for the respective service. In this way we guarantee  you a totally future-proof application!

Big Data Services

We have experience and expertise in data science, handling both small and bigger volumes of data and various data types. By deploying your data science platform in the cloud, we help you to build, train, manage and deploy machine learning models to increase the added value of your data-driven projects.



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